Weekly Round-up 13-20 Dec

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Weekly Round-up 13-20 Dec

Welcome to our last weekly round-up of 2018! We've collected a selection of latest blog posts as well as useful articles we've found from around the web

Discover the latest industry news, as well as what's new with us.



eunice-stahl-572017-unsplashData pinpoints hotel mismanagement of inventory allocation and availability

The management of room inventory on both a hotel’s site and through OTA partners is at the core of effective distribution management. 

                                                                                                  See the full post here



Availability report #5

Fornova Key Findings

In our latest allocation and availability trends report we discovered most availability issues occur when OTAs are still selling your rooms, but you are sold out on brand. com.

                                                                                                 Find out more here



airbnb-hotelsAirbnb boosts hotel visibility with homepage refresh, new filter

Airbnb is placing a focus beyond its core home-share business with 'Boutique Hotels'. The placement is intended to make hotels easier for guests to discover and book.

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