Unveiling a new image for Fornova

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Arunn Ramadoss

Head of Marketing

Unveiling a new image for Fornova


We are excited to launch our new image to underpin the next phase of our journey. Since our first foray into providing specialised solutions to hotels and chains more than 2 years ago, we have grown rapidly. Today we work with over 15 thousand hotels in more than 140 countries globally. Our mission is to support revenue and distribution management teams to sell every room, through the best channel, every time.


In keeping with that mission, we are building the Fornova Distribution Management System, designed to help revenue and distribution management teams to achieve higher occupancy, direct sales and maximise net RevPAR.

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Our core vision remains unchanged - we are building the most advanced suite of distribution intelligence and management tools for chains and hotels, the Fornova Distribution Management System. We are fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to work with and be supported by some of the most forward-looking brands in the hotel industry including Marriott, Hyatt, Accor, Hilton and Compass to name just a few.

There is a growing movement among leading hotel chains that are recognising the opportunity to maximise revenue and profitability using distribution intelligence. As this movement solidifies, we wanted to take the opportunity to crystallise our message and make it easier to understand what we do.


Our Fornova Distribution Management System is underpinned by our core solutions, which were previously codenamed Supernova, and will now be known as:


Fornova Distribution Intelligence & Fornova eCommerce Optimiser


We have also created a short video to provide a quick overview of the Fornova Distribution Intelligence platform.



Accompanying our latest brand update, we have also launched a new website providing a faster and easier navigation. If you are an existing user, you can now log in to your dashboard directly from the website top navigation. Our new blog provides a better reading experience, and access to all the latest resources on Hotel Distribution including our latest eBooks and Worldwide Trend reports.


We look forward to the next phase of our journey with helping many more Chains, hotels and revenue and distribution teams achieve higher revenues and net RevPAR.